About Us

Company Background

Community Dental and Reproductive Health is social enterprise legally registered as a company limited formed after a merger between Dental and On a go and Reproductive Services on Wheels. It is headed by Nabuuma Shamim Kaliisa .It was formed with the aim of Providing Affordable but quality dental and Reproductive Health services together with Advocating for the health Rights of Marginalized Population

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Nabuuma Shamim Kaliisa

Executive Director / Medical Professional

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a Uganda where every Ugandan can be in position to acquire and access all the required services both dental and reproductive health services without distance or financial barriers .

Our Mission

At community dental and reproductive health limited, it’s our mission to offer quality dental and reproductive health in a way we would want to be offered these services

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What We Do


Mobile Dental services

for a better cavity

Dental services to organized groups like schools, women saving groups and individuals. Free sealant for kids,filling, polishing, extraction, X-ray, dentures and more



accessible health programs

Community Dental and Reproductive Uses the Mobile Application Technology to easily refer those found with advanced cervical cancer stages to our partners like the Uganda cancer Institute.


Mobile Reproductive Health

a better life for everyone

HIV Testing and counselling, Cervical Cancer screening and Treatment, Breast Cancer Screening, Condom Distributions, Antenatal care,Sayana@Press distribution and administering,Pregnancy Check Up



better future

The company found it critical to undertake advocacy campaign as part of its suit of services targeting people living with HIV and as well as strengthening Accountability and Health system governance.

All services are charged at a minimal fee for all Ugandans and this can be paid in installments using the Mobile Money platform till 100% of the agreed fees is made and FREE for every refugee


Our Results 2018


Women screened for Cervical Cancer


Stationed Clinics Openned


Women received Sayana@Press Contraceptives


Mobile Clinics


Children received dental services


People referred for health care services using our E-Health mobile application


Mrs.Allen MusiimeMother of 8
Am a mother of 8 children ,in 2017 I and other members of Byaruha Abakwatine Women Sacco were approached by a team from community Dental and Reproductive Health who educated us about how someone can get, how to avoid cervical cancer,symptoms of cervical cancer and at the end we were encouraged to do cervical cancer screening. During the education, we were told that HIV positive women are at higher risk of acquiring Cervical Cancer. As an HIV Positive woman I put in effort to encourage other members to take up this screening from community Dental and Reproductive Health .After agreeing a price of 25000 Uganda shilling was to be paid by every woman but within three months .After payment the doctors came to our village and screened us and unfortunately I was diagnosed with advanced stage cervical cancer .Immediately I was given a referral number which I took to Mbarara Regional Hospital and my uterus was removed and as I speak I regularly go to Mbarara regional hospital for my medicine. Thank you community Dental. Had it not been you I would die .May God bless you

Public Holidays

come join fun filled healthy days


28th May 2019

Is an international observance celebrated on May 28 every year since 1987

4th September 2019

Is an awareness day managed by the World Association for Sexual Health, a global advocacy organization committed to promoting best practices in sexual health.

20th March 2019

WORLD ORAL DAY Is celebrated globally every year on 20 March. It is organized by FDI World Dental Federation and is the largest global awareness campaign on oral health.


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