CDARH is a social enterprise whose aim is to deliver subsidised dental and reproductive health services in Uganda. It was started by youth in Uganda with the major aims of;

  1. Reducing the oral disease burden among the low income earners in Uganda.
  2. Availing Sexual and reproductive Health Services to youth and young parents at an affordable price hence reducing STDs and unwanted pregnancies among the youth.

Our Mission:  A Uganda where everyone can afford both oral and reproductive Health Services of the choices.

Projects accomplished:  Social media for sexual health whose major was avail the youth in Makerere with information about where to find SRHS from. Through use of social media, Mobile application and champions Impact.

At the end of the project (six months) 2000 students had demanded and acquired female condoms from our champion.

The level of SRHS uptake in health centres near Makerere University was increased by 10% from 30 to 33 students taking SRHS from these centres and E-referral mobile application developed and 132 students being referred to our partner SRHS providers.

Directors: The organization is led by young, energetic, qualified professionals whose slogan is “Nothing for us without us”.

Executive Director: Dr.Nabuuma Shamim Kaliisa. She is a qualified project manager who has managed a lot of projects like; advocating for patients’ rights in Uganda, smoke your lungs not my lungs, parliamentary score card among others. She is a global innovation competition winner (2016).

Working experience: She has Worked as the operations manager Tobacco control alliance Africa 2013 Worked as project focal person Social media for sexual health under Reproductive Health Uganda 2015. She took part in the advocating for the tobacco control act of Uganda under supervision of Dr.Possy Mugyenyi