We avail Sexual and reproductive Health Services to youth and young parents at an affordable price hence reducing STDs and unwanted pregnancies among the youth.

Reproductive Health services:
  1. HIV Testing and counselling

  2. Cervical Cancer screening and Treatment

  3. Breast Cancer Screening

  4. Condom Distributions

  5. Antenatal care and visits

  6. Pregnancy Check Up

Community Health Camps

One Step at a Time

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive reach even those who can not visit our clinics (Ugandans from rural and Refugees in refugee settlement with our oral/dental services and Reproductive Health Services (cervical and Breast cancer screening and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Information



The Sayana @ Press Project

Helping The Community

At community dental and Reproductive health, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in Training women from the rural coomunity on how they can administer Sayana @ Press themselves with out the help of the health worker.This aimed at reducing the level of unwanted pregnancies caused by distance barriers (women not visiting the health center because of the long distances between their homes and health centers).
These are got at free of charge price if a patient comes to a clinic but during the health camps its for just 5000 ugx  per doze