What We Do

Mobile Reproductive Health Services

Community dental and reproductive health is aware that very many women in Uganda especially those in rural Uganda still move hundreds of miles seeking for reproductive health services like HIV testing, Family planing services, cervical and breast cancer screening among others. This is accompanied by strict laws and regulations imposed onto them by their husbands. All these hinder them from accessing necessary SRHS. Basing on this revalation ,community dental and reproductive health through our reproductive healgh Mobile clinic scheme reach out to these women with services like cervical cancer screening, sayana@press contraception, HIV testing among others. Our services are always targeting organised women groups all over Uganda.

Mobile Dental Services.

Community dental is women and children focused and we care about children becuase what affects the child affects the mother and as per it stands on Uganda mothers are the ones who care for families in case any member is sick. From the above we are well infomed that more than 40% of the children in Uganda have dental problems. These range from broken teeth to teeth cavities. In the same time we are aware that many of the children spend the whole of their childhood without having a chance to visit a dentist for check up and cleaning. This due to the high cost of these services. Tbrough our Mobile dental services scheme we offer affordable services of the kind to children who pay a very minimal fee as part of school fees. In case a pupil is found In need of extra services than paid for the school stands for the pupil who gets the service but on debt and pays next term

  • Free sealant for kids
  • filling
  • polishing
  • extraction
  • X-ray
  • Dentures
  • ... and more

In Uganda the phone penetration rate has grown tremendously In the recent past. This has increased the internet use (44% of Ugandans use internet). Using this as a blessing, community dental and reproductive uses Mobile application to refer women diagonised with advanced stage cervical cancer to our partiners like the Uganda cancer institute. Secondly we are aware that many of the Ugandan women forget to go for antenatal care, the same application allows the woman to register herself and based on details entered reminders are sent to her till she gives birth Community dental and reproductive uses the same application to stop death by any pregnant mother due to lack of blood in the given health center, in case the health center is lacking blood, they can check for where the blood can be found aviarable .For this case if a request is recieved by our team then a quick blood transportation using a motorcycle with refregirated continer is prepaired and blood is delivered. In case where the women is over bleeding the same way is used and this time round misoprostol is delivered from where it can be found to the requesting health center.

The same mobile application is used to register and remind young mothers where they can take their children for immunisation and reminders are sent to mothers for the next vacination appointment.

Community dental and reproductive health is also aware that many women living wifh HIV need to be remineded especially when pregnant to take all the PMCTC prescribed doses. This mobile application registers ,Links and reminds Pregnant mothers living with HIV to PMCTC service providers and reminders are always sent to them till full doses are taken. Using the same interface, those seeking PReP can register and are refered to our clinics and partiners foe this service

Uganda adopted the Test and Treat policy but due increased demand most of the times ARVs become indquate in some health centers .This puts the lives of many at risk and stake, this mobile application can be used by any person (women focused) to report and damand for a countability of ghe shortage of ARVs. These complaints are directly escalated to verious stake holders and since the application can acess the data bases of which health center still has ARVs then a complainant is refered to the next near by health center with ARVs readily available for a mean time


The company has found it criticlal to undertake advocacy campaigns as part of its suit services targeting people living with HIV and as well as strengthen accountability and health care system governance. These include

  • Holding government accountable for the bottle necks hindering proper impelementation of the policy.
  • Advocating for patients rights in Uganda
  • My drug my right
  • ... and more