Our Projects

At Community Health Care Innovation Lab - CHIL (formerly trading as Community dental and reproductive health - CDARH)

We have adopted the power of artififcial intelligence and mobile clinics in effort to elimanate disease and death caused by prevevntable diseases in Uganda, Africa and globally

Keti (Our Artificial Intelligence assistant) for Cervical Cancer free world

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide, with an estimated 528,000 new cases and 266,000 deaths among women each year.

A disproportionate number of these cases (85 %) and deaths (87 %) occur among women living in low and middle income countries.

In Uganda Alone it’s the cause of 40% of all cancers death affecting women and is the leading cause of death of all cancers affecting women.

Community Health Care Innovation Lab has adopted Artificial Intelligence for improved early cervical cancer diagnosis

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Chanjia our immunisation health care assistant (A.I Powered)

Globally around 2.5 million deaths a year continue to be caused by vaccine-preventable diseases,mainly in Africa and Asia.In Uganda 45% of children(0-5 years) are not fully vaccinated(UHDS 2016)

This is highly attributed to ,Inadequate information on where and when to find immunization services,Lack of reliable reminder mechanism

bad perception about Immunization services (especially the wrong information about post Immunization side effects )by care givers among other factors

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Sanyu (Artificial Intelligence system for HIV free world)

Sanyu's major aim is to extend sexual and reproductive health services to the marginalized groups in Uganda and other countries of operation

Its is meant to eliminate discrimination and segreagation of the key population in their efforts to seek for very crucial HIV related services like PREP, PMCTC, Condoms, circumcission e.t.c

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Mobile Clinic

We believe that millions of people in least developed countries do not have access to health care just because of the long distances between their homes and health centers

We therefore extend the preventative cevical cancer screening,HIV testing, vaccination and immunisation to their doorsteps using a mobile clinic