Our Projects

Cervical Cancer Screening for All

Community dental and reproductive health was founded by a victim of cervical cancer, she lost her mother at a very young age. Based on her personal experience, she started his Important project who objective is to reach more than 5000000 women with cervical cancer screening by year 2022.

Using our mobile clinic we reach the far corners of Uganda educating organised women groups about the causes of cervical cancer, the early sysmptoms and dangers of late cervical cancer diagnosis.

If these groups buy the idea of having screening services done, a fee of 25000 Uganda shillings is paid by every group member in three months installments.

If the fees are fully paid, the team of doctors from our clinic moves to these women and offer them the screening services and i case anyone is found positive she is refered to our stationed clinic for further management

If any womam is diagonised with late stage cancer, then using our E-referal is made to the Uganda cancer institute where she gets proper management

We would like to thank the Takeda Foundation and the Tokyo University for funding this great program.

Every Child Should Smile

Under this program we work hard to ensure that every child keeps smiling with all his teeth healthy. Our major target under this scheme are the pre-primary and Primary children

Ugandans ministry of health gets less than 13% of the National budget and only 0.01% goes to dental and oral hygiene and services. This has left the dental sector to private practices which have all the rights to charge any fees without any restrictions.

In the end many of the people in Uganda children inclusive spend the entire life time without seeing dentist. This puts them at a risk of loosing their teeth at Avery early age.

With concern, community dental and reproductive moves to rural school, schools in slums recruiting them to this scheme and every child pays 7500 Uganda shilling per term to cater for her or his teeth check up and cleaning

If a child is found I need of any other exra service then a referal is made to stationed clinics where further handling is made.

We would like to thank the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the financial support

Holding government accountable for any bottleneck in the implementation of test and treat policy

In the effort to reach 2030 90:90:90 goal by UNAIDs Uganda adopted and started implementation of the test and treat policy where by anyone tested and found HIV positive is started on the ARTs immediately. However this still faces a lot of loopholes like drug stock out among others . Using the both ICT(social media,Mobile )and non ICT (citizen -government face to face meeting )

Citizens (women living with HIV) can report any ART drug stock out through the above mentioned platforms and those in power respond to the same quarries raised using the same mediums.

This project is entirely run on funds got from our various dental clinics spread all over the country .

Great thanks to our customers for the great support

Patient Rights

In Uganda patients rights still face a lot of patients rights .This range from denial of drugs,sexual harassment by health workers ,corruption ,drug theft among others . Community dental abs reproductive health got funding from Hovos through MAVC and piloted the use of mobile application technology to give citizens platforms to hold government and those in power accountable for any violation of patients rights . For the scale up phase we thank our beloved customers whose money we use to run this program.


Community dental and reproductive health uses the E-referal mobile application to refer youth seeking VMMC. Using the same application our medical team offers real time response to who ever has a question about VMMC