How To Make Teeth Stronger?


The primary function of the teeth is to chew food but what’s more complex is that teeth are the sole organ in our body that cannot heal themselves? Yes, you heard that right! The enamel coating of our teeth cannot be repaired once damaged. Therefore, one needs to travel the extra mile. To save their teeth from damage caused by plaque and tartar to keep them in good health and shape. Here, we will present tips to make your teeth stronger.

Tips to Make Teeth Stronger

A healthy smile reflects positively on your personality and says a lot about your confidence. It is crucial to look after specific aspects of our oral health behaviours. Keeping that in mind, we have shortlisted doable and straightforward tips that can help you keep your teeth healthy.


  • Brush Your Teeth Well And For Suitable Duration

Going straight to the washbasin and hurriedly brushing your teeth to spend more time on your social media updates will never help you achieve the ideal strong teeth. Strengthening your teeth by brushing for at least 2 to 3 minutes in a circular motion covering every direction, and then rinsing your teeth with clean tap water is the standardised way for keeping your teeth clean. 

Gradually, as humans get older, the enamel coating on the teeth starts to fade and get worn out; therefore, it is essential to adopt the habit of brushing teeth at least twice a day to delay enamel erosion. Brushing would not only help delay the process of enamel erosion but also protect your teeth from tartar and plaque, which leads to gum problems, cavities, etc. 

  • Regularly use floss and a fluoridated toothpaste.

Flossing is essential for good oral care as it helps to remove stuck food particles and plaque between the teeth. It decreases the possibility of germs clinging to your teeth, which progressively hardens into tartar, which a dentist can only remove.

So why put your precious teeth at Stake? Thus making it a habit to floss at least once a day to protect your enamel and keep your teeth healthy. In addition to brushing, fluoridated toothpaste can help prevent cavities and also help strengthen the weak and exposed roots. Regular usage can help prevent the early stage of tooth decay. 

  • Mind your food

The primary reason behind tooth decay or the majority of oral issues is the food we consume. It simply doesn’t imply that we need to cut down our food consumption from our daily eating habits. It simply emphasises being selective when you grab something to eat. 


Our typical homemade cuisines comprise a high amount of saturated sugar. With time, we develop certain addictions towards unhealthy foods and eating habits, which results in tooth decay and gum related diseases. This makes it necessary to eat mindfully and look after your teeth. 

  •  Don’t overuse your teeth.

Every organ in our body has a specific function. They are specialised in doing their respective tasks; for instance, our heart is made to pump blood, and you cannot explicitly give it the job of breath, can you? Then how can someone employ their teeth in rigorous activities like opening bottle tops and breaking nuts? 

These activities can severely harm your teeth. By engaging in such activities and not taking proper care, one may invite weak gums and loose teeth. Remember, teeth are your asset. And you are solely responsible for it.

  • See your dentist regularly.

Inspecting your teeth in the mirror is not enough as there could be a lot going on beneath your gums that you are not aware of. Dentists can not only solve your dental problems but can also help prevent dental disorders. They detect the onset of gums and oral decay. Therefore when it comes to maintaining good oral health, you need to be proactive and see your doctor regularly.

Summing Up

Aside from the measures mentioned above, one should eat healthy foods to ensure your teeth’ long-term durability and firmness. One can also consider using a natural, antibacterial mouthwash by consulting your dentist and getting the right prescription, as personal oral hygiene is the most crucial step.

Moreover, you may ensure that your teeth are healthy by including high protein and fibrous foods in your diet and avoiding junk food and unhealthy eating habits.