How To Clean Invisalign? – Do’s and Don’ts


There are so many perks to Invisalign aligners. You need to care for your trays adequately to take full advantage of these perks. If the lines are not properly cleaned, a build-up of bacteria discolours your lines. Failure to clean Invisalign them will produce a considerable smell and harm your teeth. Other individuals are quick to notice. 

Given the orthodontic therapy for straightening teeth, it might be easier to see why it is a trend correctly alternative.

Follow the following hints and methods for taking care of your Invisalign trays to guarantee that this doesn’t happen to you.

Effective Ways to clean Invisalign Braces

If individuals practise good dental hygiene and correctly clean their aligner trays, patients can have the most pleasant Invisalign outcomes. Bacteria and plagues may be picked up, and an unpleasant smell may develop if not adequately treated.

All Invisalign wearers should ensure their aligners are removed before eating or drinking (unless they are drinking water). Users must brush and flow their teeth before putting the invalid aligner back on after a meal or drinks other than water.

The rule is to remember and follow clean teeth and a clear aligner.

Otherwise, the aligner might contaminate the aligner and create cardiovascular disorders, gingivitis, and other dental issues. Make sure to follow the mandatory steps mentioned below. 

  • Clean your tray first thing in the morning

It is vital to brush your teeth and trays when you pick out your Invisalign trays every morning. If they are cleaned thoroughly, the bacteria that develop on your trays each night will be removed. 

You must also avoid future damage to your teeth if your dental hygiene is concerned. Do this each night to get rid of any microbes that have been on the increase all day long before heading to bed as well.

  • Brush and Floss Prior to wearing your Invisalign

The essence of oral hygiene is to maintain your teeth and gums clean. This does not lead to significant tooth issues later in life. Brushing and flossing your teeth will guarantee a clean mouth prior to putting Invisalign lines back in your mouth. It removes all germs from your teeth and removes any accumulation that may previously have been on your teeth. 

  • Do not use Harsh Soap

Avoid using your trays with colourful or fragrant soaps and toothpaste. Make sure that you only use colourless toothpaste and soaps without odour. Colourful and fragrant toothpaste and soaps can accumulate and decolour. The trays also have an unpleasant taste, and finally, if you use scented, colourful soaps and toothpaste, an awful smell.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Pick an excellent mild composition and a brush to clean your aligner with toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • Use a very soft toothbrush and always lightly and gently brush the alignment.
  • Use a denture cleaning pill to clean your aligner. Follow the instructions to dissolve the cleaner in warm water and let the aligner swim for the appropriate period.
  • Use Invisalign trays cleaning crystals. These are available online and function in the same manner as prosthesis cleaners by dissolving in water. Without having to brush it, you will clean up and disinfect your tray securely.


  • To clean the plate, using whitening toothpaste. They are usually harsh and can damage the lines. Scratching may conceal germs and bacteria.
  • Using a bacterial coloured soap. You may place the colour within the aligner and leave stains.
  • Clean your aligner with hot water and clean it. Warm water may start melting and alter the form of the trays.

Summing Up

Invisalign retainers might be an excellent method to make your grin nearly invisible.

You may take the time to cleanse your retainer correctly every time you break, avoid substances that might distort or discolour your retainer and establish the routine to remember to have your retainer back into your mouth after you have been eating or brushing.