Invisalign Timeline: Per Splint, Fabrication and Treatment


The Invisalign timeline and how you can shorten it. Everything about the Invisalign duration per splint, the duration of treatment & the duration of manufacture.

The Invisalign Timeline

Most people assume that they will be treated for years, will spend a lot of time in the practice, and will be limited in everyday life when they have a tooth correction. In fact, these concerns are unfounded with Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign is a gentle and practically invisible method of tooth correction. The treatment usually only lasts a few months and does not entail any restrictions in everyday life for the patient. 

During the Invisalign treatment, you can eat what you want and you can follow your oral hygiene as usual. No annoying and visible wires in which leftovers get stuck or with which you don’t like to laugh. Invisalign is designed to discreetly straighten your teeth.

Invisalign Duration per Splint

At the beginning of the treatment, we give you all your splints, which you can change yourself. We recommend wearing the first splint for 14 days, as the teeth usually move a little further between the first 3D scan and the start of treatment. This means that the first rail sits a little tighter. By adhering to the 14-day wearing period, your teeth have enough time to adapt to the new splint and to get into the necessary position.

You should discuss the wearing time of the following splints with your doctor in more detail. As a rule, the Invisalign aligners are changed every 7-14 days. The recommended time period depends on the one hand on the complexity of the planned movements for each rail and on the other hand on your own discipline. Own discipline because you should wear the braces 18-22 hours a day and only take them out to eat, drink or brush your teeth.

Shorten Invisalign Timeline

The following applies: The more consistently you stick to the daily wearing time of your aligners, the sooner you can shorten the wearing time. The disciplined wearing gives your teeth enough time to move into the new required position. So you can then change your rails faster.

So if you have worn your aligners consistently, you can in most cases insert a new set before the 14 days. You will notice this by the fact that the aligners are no longer so tight and you can take them out very easily. At this point, however, you should be careful not to act too quickly.

Because if you haven’t worn your aligners long enough, the next set of aligners will put a lot of pressure on your teeth when you change them and this is not only uncomfortable but also disadvantageous for your teeth. So be attentive, observe the process and keep to the length of time it is worn. Always make sure that all teeth are seated well in the aligner and that you can easily remove the aligner. If you’re unsure, it’s better to see your doctor.

Invisalign Duration of Treatment

Small misalignments corrected in 3 months. How long the tooth correction takes depends on your individual teeth. The simpler the misaligned teeth, the shorter the treatment. For example, a simple anterior tooth correction can take 3 months, a moderate misalignment takes an average of 6 months. To this stage of treatment belongs the tooth gap or crowding. If you have an incorrect bite position in addition to the misaligned teeth, the therapy usually lasts at least 7 months. Treating a misalignment of the bite and rotating teeth are the so-called heavy movements that take a little longer to complete. 

Visible optical changes. You can usually see the first optical changes after a few weeks. The complexity of your treatment plays a major role here. In the case of slight misalignments, visible results are often noticeable more quickly. For more complex corrections, on the other hand, this can take a little longer. If, for example, there is not enough space in the dental arch to arrange the nested teeth, the molars are usually moved first or the dental arch is expanded to make room for the teeth. 

Accordingly, the movements in the rear area are not immediately visible to the patient, but they are essential for the correction. Since every misalignment, every jaw and every treatment is individual, it is unfortunately not possible to say in general when the patient will see the first optical successes.

Invisalign production time

The production of your Invisalign aligners takes about 2-3 weeks. The aligners are not made in Germany but in San José, California. After we have created and confirmed your treatment plan, the production of the splints begins. The transparent aligners are made of the patented SmartTrack material and are manufactured with high precision using the latest 3D printing technology. They are tailor-made and therefore only intended for you.