5 Best Replacement Options for a Missing Tooth


A smile is a universal language of humanity; it is confined to releasing dopamine and enhancing life quality, creating a safe aura for people to approach you. However, a missing tooth may create an uneven gap between your smile and ruin the crucial segment of your personality, especially when it comes to the front teeth. 

5 Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth

With damages comes distress, anxiety and it may even affect your self-esteem to a significant extent. Aside from that, it is mandatory to treat the damaged and decayed areas as they are painful, and if not treated on time, it can invite several gum problems and tooth-related issues in the future. Therefore we have compiled the five best and cost-effective tooth replacement solutions to savior your beautiful smile.

1. Flipper Tooth

Flipper’s tooth is typically a wearable solution that can be taken in and out as one desires. It is a prosthetic tooth to fill the gap caused by missing or worn-out teeth. Although it is a temporary solution, it quickly fixes down the pink base and can be considered feasible in the place of other tooth extraction and replacement treatments.

However, every solution comes with pros and cons. The limitation of Flipper’s tooth is that it might be uncomfortable to wear, but it depends on the tolerance level from person to person. Another notable downside is that flipper teeth are hassle-free yet a temporary and removable solution, resulting in more wear and tear and frequent breaking. 

Some people have reported allergic reactions after using the flipper tooth due to its build-up material. Going with this solution brings an immediate necessity of dental discipline as you have to maintain routine hygiene for the tooth retainer, as they are detachable and may cause gum disease if not cleaned regularly.

2. Removable Partial Dentures

You might have heard about complete dentures, but partial dentures are cost-effective and removable solutions to brighten your smile and add spark to it. The partial denture acts as a spec but for teeth. Since we use specs to enhance our visibility, so does the partial dentures; they sit on the pink base of your gum and help your teeth to function at their pace naturally.

Dentists may help you build customized dentures by adding more teeth if you need them. Besides that, you can adjust the denture as per your requirement; you can remove and place it instability before you sleep. However, soaking it in warm water before you sleep is the best way to keep it clean. 

3. Dental Bridge

Another most Effective option is a Dental bridge as the name itself suggests that it bridges or fills the side of your gap and uplifts your tooth from further damages. A dental bridge is a more affordable alternative that can be considered as compared to dental implantation. 

The best part is the treatment doesn’t require any kind of surgery. It is a basic cap for worn-out teeth which is durable, long-lasting, and a permanent solution. However, the drawback suggests that one has to ensure safe cleaning and keep the food particles from getting stuck on or in-between the teeth as they may cause tooth decay and loss of bone density.

4. Dental Implantation

This option may sound similar to a dental bridge, but it is a more authentic and durable solution for your missing tooth. The process of Dental implantation is time-consuming and takes multiple trips to the dental clinic. Since it involves surgery, there are a lot of fears associated with the treatment. 

But it is not as complicated and painful as it seems. The dentist will first replace the roots at the spot of the missing tooth, after which you will be asked to rest and let it heal for a few days. At last, the dentist will fix an artificial crown on the anchor placed in your bone, and you will be prescribed a few painkillers to avoid the pain for a few days. If you are still confused about which option to pick, a Dental implant is a trustable alternative for those who are looking for a permanent fix. 

5. Maryland Bridge

A Maryland bridge is an artificial tooth that bridges the space of a missing tooth.

It is reasonably practical from the conventional tooth replacement options. A metal wing-like structure is responsible for affixing on both the sides of the gum, which helps the tooth stay stable on top of the neighboring teeth.

The disadvantage of this option is that in many cases, it fails to last long. The metal material may cause gum problems. Moreover, it is undetachable after the treatment.

Conclusion on Missing Tooth Options

Keeping your smile intact might turn out to be a necessity for individuals as your smile becomes a crucial part of your professional world. The ways mentioned above are all capable of doing the job, although sticking to one is a matter of preference concerning which method turns out to be the best for them.