How To Remove Tartar Buildup?


Filthy yellow teeth might turn out to be a nightmare for most of us. Although it is quite normal for tartar to build upon your teeth as a result of the accumulated plaque buildup, it leads to a solid, firm layer on your teeth. 

Tartar, also known as calculus, is the hardened plaque that can grow on and even underneath your teeth and cause irritation in the gum tissues.  Compared to plaque, tartar is far easier to detect. Unlike plaque, tartar is a mineral buildup just above the gumline. 

The easiest way to diagnose is to find the yellow or, in some cases, brown colour appearing on your teeth and gums.  Tartar Buildup for an extended period could lead to several oral diseases such as tooth decay, cavities, gum infection, and even gingivitis. 

Losing your teeth to tartar can be easily prevented by following simple steps as stated below. Keep reading and help yourself save your teeth in the long run.   

Effective Ways to Remove Tartar Buildup 

  • Brushing Atleast Twice A Day

Tartar can easily be kept far from your teeth by brushing every day. However, the brushing schedule might depend on the type of teeth and your dental health. Usually, it ranges from twice a day to brushing after every meal. 

But the standard so far is brushing twice a day with a reputed fluoride and tartar control toothpaste. These would help remove plaque and tartar at their initial stages. 

  • Flossing At Least Once A Day

Brushing alone might not result in removing all prospects of building tartar, as brushing alone is not efficient enough in reaching every corner of your teeth. This is why you require to do floss on a daily basis with a frequency of at least once in the whole day. 

Although you can floss as frequently as you brush, that depends from individual to individual. Floss helps you reach those tight spaces and help remove food particles left over after brushing. Flossing after eating something sticky is the best way to avoid the plaque that develops into tartar. 

  • Purchasing Specific Tartar Removing Kits 

The market today is flooded with products that help improve dental health. One such product is the tartar removing kit that can easily be bought online and used from the comfort of your home; these kits appear and function in the same way compared to the one your dentist uses. 

It is a metal scraper that helps scrape off the tartar buildup on your teeth. To use it, all you need is a mirror and electricity. While buying these scrapers, it’s necessary to choose the softer ones as, without prior knowledge, you might end up scraping off your enamel. 

  • Getting Tartar Professionally Removed

Allowing a specialist to remove tartar from your teeth is the most secure and verified method. Your dental professional will assist you in removing the tartar with the utmost care and safety. Special instruments with access to all corners of your mouth aid in the removal of tartar. A dentist understands when and where to utilize them.

A dentist does a thorough examination of your mouth, searching for symptoms of gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ problems, oral cancer, and nearly every other condition that should be identified. This offers even more advantages to visiting a dentist.

To Conclude with Final Thoughts

Teeth tartar is not an unusual occurrence, but it can seriously affect your own oral hygiene if left untreated. Tartar and plaque are easy to verify but difficult to remove once they get accumulated.  

For you, the collection of plaque with regular flossing and brushing must thus be checked, and the accumulation of tartar should be avoided. Regular visits to the dentist are also recommended for better oral health.