Understanding Cavities: Best Ways to Prevent It!


With the increasing types of dishes we eat, the need to keep our teeth healthy and safe from cavities also arises. Teeth are vital for our health as they are the ones that help us eat by breaking down food. Apart from the essential functions, they also play an important role in the way we present ourselves. Good dental hygiene and the appearance of teeth are necessary for a presentable smile, as most of us out there are working professionals. 

Apart from providing nutrition to our body, eating and drinking also act as food for the bacteria that is developed in our mouth. If brushing and flossing are eliminated from our daily schedule, these bacteria will form plaque on the teeth, which would break the enamel and get into the teeth, causing weak spots known as cavities. 

In today’s advanced period, many products in the market are instrumental in preventing these cavities. But in this article, we will stick to the basics and find out the traditional and most practical ways to prevent cavities. 

Ways to Prevent Cavities 

1. Brush And floss  

It’s right to say that prevention is better than cure. Brushing and flossing are the essentials and the best remedy to stay afar from cavities. These practices play a vital role in preventing cavities caused by dental plaque and food that feeds the bacteria in our mouth. 

Brushing twice a day in circular motions for two minutes would help you avoid these circumstances as the fluoride in most kinds of toothpaste helps keep your teeth safe. 

2. Comprehensive Dental Exam 

We all have different characteristics of teeth as some of us have teeth more vulnerable to cavities while some of us are more vulnerable to building dental plaque or having stained teeth or cracked teeth. 

Although the dental exam does not play a direct role in preventive cavities but with the information needed to know your cavity risk would help you build an approach towards preventing cavities.  

3. Have a Balanced Diet

The sub-heading might sound a little off-topic, but the reality is far more concerning than it seems. This criterion not only concerns losing weight or leading a better life but also affects the dental health and the condition of your teeth. 

Sugar and starchy foods are more strict and difficult to get rid of as it gets stuck on and in-between the teeth causing cavities and plaque. So limit such kind of food and turn towards a more green leafy diet to help prevent the buildup in the teeth. 

4. Visit your Dentist Frequently 

Even after following all the steps mentioned above, there is still a chance of catching a cavity as there is still that 1% chance that cavities might get to your teeth. Therefore, visiting your dentist at a regular interval would not only help you assure good dental health but will also help you maintain the proper dental hygiene benefiting your teeth in the long run. 

Smoking and drinking affect your dental health more than they affect your overall health, making it even more mandatory for people who smoke and drink to frequently see their dentist. 

Bottom Line

Cavities can be a real pain if not treated the right way. Not only does it affect your teeth, but it also has effects on your smile, jaw appearance, and even gums. 

Treating all these can be pretty hefty on your pocket as well as painful. Thus it is better to prevent such circumstances by following the above-listed methods to avoid pain in the long run.